The History and Culture Tour (Day Tour SATURDAYS 12 noon – 3pm) focuses on the people, the places and the things that have made Chicago a treasure to those who know it best. Ali, Dr. King, Beauty Turner, Fred Hampton, Harold Washington, Minister Farrakhan, Dr. Carol Adams, Dr. Margaret Burroughs, President Obama and most important, Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable, the founder of this great city, have all made it possible for us, the modern day benefactors of their investment and sacrafice, to carry on Chicago tradition in power and style. No tour is complete without experiencing authentically Black Chicago Restaurants, Food, Fashion, Landmarks, Dancing and Music. (Book or reserve seats now)
The ChiTown Dance & ChiTown Sounds (Evening Tour SATURDAYS 7pm – 11pm) is all about the party….. Enjoy Jazz, Blues, House Music, R&B, Hip Hop, Stepping, Bopping and Sliding, while tasting Chicago food and toasting to good times passed and to come, the Chicago way. (Book or reserve seats now)
The Family Fun Tour (Group tour upon request) focuses on ACTION, keeping our younger guests engaged and informed. Eat, Shop, Learn and Play, something for everyone. (Contact for booking)
The Style Tour (Group tour upon request) focuses on shopping, ensuring that all visitors leave the tour with a piece of Chicago STYLE. Chicago boutiques,designers and musicians are at the center of this tour. (Contact for booking) 
Charter a trip Your trip, your way. Within a 100 mile radius of the center of Chicago, Black Beauty Reality Tours will transport you and your group to your chosen destination, while playing the music or videos of your choice, allowing you to recline in our comfortable seats and enjoy the ride. (Contact for booking)
Each tour will speak of the great inventors, entrepreneurs, politicians, activists and organization that Black Chicago has developed, and the tour will also speak of the deterioration, gentrification and lost opportunities that Black Chicago has suffered. Taste Chicago, photograph landmarks, view videos, hear first-hand accounts, and listen to native music while being exposed to the shocking truths that most will never know nor understand.

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